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Welcome to our online amanita muscaria shop.

We're a family that LOVES Amanita and wants to share the goodness and powerful healing properties of the shroom with the rest of the world. We're truly passionate about what we do because we know it can make a big difference to some people. Picking the mushrooms, drying them, storing them and even using it - we do everything ourselves. We've spent 4 years of studying multiple language literature and made hundreds of experiments to become experts in the field. Our conscious foraging process, immediate drying and safe storage guarantee a product with excellent colour, strong smell, and good taste. Amanita Muscaria has a lot of variations and we're proud to say that we offer 6 of them in our store.

Our priority is to have the best product, educate people about Amanita Muscaria and help those, who need help with this natural remedy.


Continuing the old traditions of our ancestors we sell dried Amanita Muscaria which is gathered only in distant forests of Lithuania by our family during its' season from August and November. Evaluating the ecosystem we are leaving part of the mushrooms for further growth and for the needs of animals. 

Amanita Muscaria caps were used for special recipes to make plant-medicine, as an ingredient for magic potions and other mysterious things. Due to the right drying method that we use, the toadstool keeps its best physical and chemical qualities which are the most valuable. When the mushrooms are gathered they are being sorted out and cleaned up, then we put them into a special dryer for 2-4 days. Fresh amanitas caps dry on a low 104 °F temperature. Thoroughly dried caps have 10-15% of moisture in them. Then we pack dried fly agaric mushrooms into a vacuum sealed packages: half an ounce (15 grams), 1 ounce (30grams), 2 ounces (60 grams). We store dried Amanita Muscaria production in a cool, dry and dark storage place no longer than one year. 

We ensure that the product it top quality in its' looks and effectiveness. However, since every Amanita mushroom is different, we cannot guarantee the amount of the compounds in them.


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