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Analgesics (painkillers) are designed and widely used to treat mild or severe pain. This market is growing at ±6% CAGR and is estimated to reach $91B in 2025. Many companies acquire other analgesics-focused companies as a strategy for growth as the fastest possible way to get their market share. Major players are Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Zimmer Biomet, B. Braun Melsungen and Wright Medical Group. And the analgesics market is booming, sadly, due to an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.


Mental health issues are common to about 11% of mankind and has been recently propelled 4 times by the Covid-19 pandemic. 4 out of 10 people have some kind of mental issue (depression, anxiety, bipolar or eating disorder, drug, alcohol use, schizophrenia, etc). Most people with these issues are located in N. America, W. Europe and Australia.


The demand for painkillers, antidepressants and psychotherapy services is huge and will continue to grow, so all kinds of natural/homeopathic medicine and therapies will be in the constantly increasing need. Natural healing properties of Amanita Muscaria makes it a great opportunity to homeopathically treat (chronic) pain and key mental issues - anxiety and depression.


Empowered by the blockchain technology and supported by the community, FlyAmanita project is determined to explore, research and start Amanita Muscaria-related rehabilitation service (offline and online) and offer even more products to fight pain and mental issues.



Amanita Muscaria is legal in most countries (excluding Australia, Romania, The Netherlands, Thailand, and Louisiane State in the US). Its wide selection of healing, antidepressant, immune-boosting and other properties makes it a good basis for a few use-cases that Fly Amanita is determined to exploit.


#1 Pharmacy market: the production of chemical compounds

There is a high pharmaceutical industry's demand for Muscimol, Ibotenic acid, and Muscarine chemical compounds (more info on those is provided further in this document). Even though the compounds are expensive (all compounds cost over $1000 for 100mg) the extraction of those out of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms is relatively easy without the need of high-tech laboratories.


#2 Research of Application for Rehabilitation

This is a long term goal that will last for at least 1-2 years. It will first start as a research project aiming to explore and find safe Amanita Muscaria related real life applications for rehabilitation of chronic pain, insomnia, menstrual pain, post-traumatic stress, lack of confidence, self-esteem, productivity, depression, and many more. There have been poor or if not unexplored opportunities of Amanita Muscaria Mushroom application for rehabilitation. To achieve this Fly Amanita is determined to assemble a team of experts of chronic pain, holistic medicine, biochemistry, holistic medicine, psychotherapy, and others as well as volunteers for rehabilitation application tests.


#3 Rehabilitation service and Center

Once those applications are found and are safe to use, FlyAmanita is determined to start offering this as a healthcare service (mostly with supervision) in both offline and online options. FlyAmanita has also a very ambitious will to establish a physical rehabilitation center in the project's home town of Siauliai, Lithuania (EU), where FLT holders would, of course, have special deals and priority access opportunities. Lithuania is literally in the middle of Europe with good aviation access, but in case of success, this rehab center would then have the potential to expand its network to other countries as well.


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AMANITA MUSCARIA - natural painkiller, antidepressant and so much more

Amanita muscaria, commonly known as Fly Amanita or Fly Agaric, is a muscimol mushroom and is best known for its hallucinogenic, pain killing and antidepressant properties. It contains compounds as Muscimol, Ibotenic Acid and Muscarine and is actually known to man for centuries since many countries of the Southern Hemisphere used those for various shamanic events and treatment.


Over time there have been lots of discovered and proven benefits of Amanita Muscaria mushroom, which nowadays is actually quite popular among Silicon Valley audience:


• Natural pain-killing and antidepressant properties, immune system boost and Mycelium-based antimicrobial properties.

• Increased energy, strength, endurance, and virility, euphoria, bliss, happiness.

• Effectiveness against arthritis, sore throat, Lyme disease (caused by infected ticks). Has purge and detox properties.

• Helps with menopause issues as well as subdued over-excitability, bladder, and intestinal cramps.

• Helps deal with addictions and dependencies by providing smoother way out. Also could be used against hangovers.



Milestone 1 (Funding)

• 2021 April 22 - May 16 - Private sales.

• 2021 May 17- June 6 - Public sales. 3 rounds.

• 2021 Q2-Q3 - Integrate FLT payments to the Fly Amanita e-shop.

• 2021 Q3-Q4 - Start producing and selling chemical compounds (Muscimol, Ibotenic acid and Muscarine) to the pharmaceutical market.

• 2021 Q3-Q4 - list FLT in staking projects (there's already a secured deal for that with Bitlocus exchange).

Milestone 2 (Research)

• 2022 Q1-Q2 - Assemble a team of experts and volunteers.

• 2022 Q1 and on - Conduct extensive research and tests for Amanita Muscaria's application in healthcare.

Milestone 3 (Application & Rehab center)

• Date TBA (depends on research results) - start offline and online supervisory healing application service

• Date TBA - establish a rehabilitation center (in Lithuania, EU).


Basic info Token:

FLT (BEP20/ERC20 - cross-chain) 

Supply: FLT


Sales, funding

• Sale: 15% 

• IEO platform: ended

• Accepted: EUR, BTC, USDT, BNB


Sales rounds and time

• Private sales: ended

• Round 1 (May 17 - May 23): 35% discount. Ended.

• Round 2 (May 24 - May 30): 25% discount. Ended.

• Round 3 (May 31 - Jun 6): 0% discount. Ended.


Token allocation:

• Team: 15%

• Sales/funding: 15%

• Investments/partnerships: 35%

• Marketing: 25%

• Incentives: 10%


Use of proceeds

• Equipment for production of chemical compounds: 35%

• Business development (production realization partnerships): 25%

• Marketing: 25%

• Legal expenses: 2%

• Initial research budget (application in rehabititation): 13%



Token Utility

• The project will utilize the token for funding, staking and awarding clients with discounts and bonuses when paying in FLT tokens.



Arūnas Šiuksteris - CEO


Arunas is a seasoned Entrepreneur with extensive experience in plant growth technologies acquired by mastering CBD oil extraction from medical cannabis.

He has also huge knowledge on everything related to Amanita fungi: identification, constituents, active substance, drying and storing technology, applications in alternative medicine and even experimenting on himself.


Gustė Gikaraite - Business Development Manager


Guste has been on team FLY since 2020 and is responsible for business growth, development and new opportunities. She is the mastermind behind Fly Amanita tokenization of the creation of FLT token.


Jurgita Mitkevičienė - Production Manager


Jurgita has joined Fly Amanita in 2018 to help with the production, packaging, and distribution of dried Amanita caps.


Tadas Varanauskas - Developer


Tadas is highly entrepreneurial and driven web developer with over 3 years of experience of blockchain development that is also staying in touch with the latest IT trends and implementing bleeding edge solutions in software projects.


Baiba Baika - Advisor


Baiba is a consciousness, psychedelics & death researcher, a teacher and educational project manager (for over 30 years), and a soul midwife, who has integrated her education, skills, and experience into a plant-medicine-assisted counselling and guidance for the dying on their walk towards death. She has developed a series of lectures about plant medicines and anxiety. Her main research interests are altered states of consciousness in healing, consciousness at the moment of dying, psychedelics, and the quality of death. She is currently doing MA in transformative education at Canterbury Christchurch University, UK. Her dissertation is about psychedelics and end-of-life distress. She is also doing BTEC Level 3 Award in end-of-Life care.


Artūras Svirskis - Advisor


Arturas is Fintech and Crypto specialist with proven track record of successful projects. Currently he is the founder of multiple international Fintech related businesses including consultancy company Fintexus which solves complicated challenges for PSPs (Payments companies) globally.


Timo Trippler - Advisor


Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial transactions. He has been working in Blockchain field since 2015 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice (strategic advisory and marketing advisory).

He uses his business network to raise funds from institutional Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity companies. He is currently connected to more than 300 institutional Investors around the world. He travels to Blockchain summits and conferences to meet new investors and to enlarge his fundraising network.


MD. Mofassair Hossain - Advisor


Md. Mofassair Hossain is the CEO and Founder of Perhalic. In the profession, he is Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) also Investor and Advisor of 40+ ICOs in Blockchain industry. He is one of the top PR and Marketing Advisor at ICO Bench and top 50 in the people's of blockchain list. Also, he is the member of Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals. He is Currently CMO of First Goldbacked Stable coin on Binance Smart chain also trading analyst at CoinTiger. His expert area is making successful ICO marketing and social media planning, strategies, budget allocation, bring partners launching bounty and airdrops also helps the team in building their Advisory board.

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