Aqua-cream hyaluronic

The cream intensively moistures the epidermis, restores the hydro-lipid mantle. The amanita muscaria extract accelerates metabolism, stimulates cell division and increases their turgor. 

COSMETIC BASE: Cosmetic base "ERILEM ENALGA" "Energy of the Altai Mountains" is a light, environmentally friendly emulsion that is absorbed by the skin as akin to the composition: glacial water, sesame oil phospholipids, Hanks salt solution, "Montanov" emulsifier. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Smooth oil complex of saffron-milk-cap mushroom and suillus softens and smoothes the epidermis. The extract of a lycoperdon mushroom and candyleaf keep moisture on the surface of the skin. Cranberry and lingonberry juice nourishes all layers of the epidermis, enriches them with vitamins and amino acids. Hyaluronic water protects moisture and normalizes skin moisture balance. 

APPLICATION: Apply on clean skin of face and neck, massage until completely absorbed. Recommended for daily use. 

INGREDIENTS: Cosmetic base "ERILEM ENALGA", sesame oil, hyaluronic water, extract water of fly agaric, cranberry and lingonberry juice, proteins of boletus, champignon infusion, oil complex of saffron-milk-cap mushroom and suillus, proteins of lycoperdon, candyleaf, silver citrate.

Mushroom collection "Fly agaric versus age".

Aqua-cream hyaluronic

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  • Antiaging. Volume: 50 ml. For all skin types