Cream oil for heels

The oil softens the dry calluses, makes the heel skin smooth and velvety. Extracts of agaric and curative herbspromote the healing of cracks and prevent them from reappearing. The cream softens the leg skin, prevents dryness and peeling as well as the coarsened stratum corneum. 

COSMETIC BASE: Cosmetic base “ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL” absorbed by the skin as akin to the composition delivers nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin: Hank's saline solution, peanut phospholipids, watercress gel, oat germ oil, emulsifier "Cremophor". 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Saffron-milk-cap oil has a softening effect superior to that of the peach. Aloe and plantago saps help treat deep cracks. The complex of AHA acids softens the coarse layer of the skin. Infusions of chaga mushroom and willow bark reduce sweating. Mint and oregano decoctions have an antifungal effect. 

APPLICATION: Apply the cream on the clean skin of the feet in the evening before going to bed (on the heels and on the feet – repeat the procedure after absorption). 

INGREDIENTS: Cosmetic base “ERILEM ACTIVE CONTROL“: alpha hydroxy acids, marine salt, echinacea extract, lingonberry decoction, fly agaric extract, mint decoction, chaga mushroom extract, plantago sap, chestnut bolete, willow bark, saffron-milk-cap and suillus oil, citrate of silver.

Mushroom collection "Fly agaric versus problems". 

Cream oil for heels

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  • Cosmetic base "erilem active control". Volume: 30 ml. For feet.