Heat therapy cream to relieve joints pain

Heat therapy cream is applied simultaneously with the procedure of the massage. This cream will enable you to forget about muscle and joint pain, which is combated by the active ingredient cortisone. This substance is contained in fire-milk lactarius mushroom, used for the production of the cream. Effective effect is provided by the dracocephalum, which strengthens joints and muscles and boosts local immunity. The recipe for the heat therapy cream from the "Fly agaric versus problems" series has long been used in complementary medicine. In recent years, professional athletes have also benefited from it. The remedy helps muscle tissue regeneration after various injuries, relieves pain and tension after active physical activity. You can use this cosmetic product both before and after workout. It is quickly absorbed and penetrates not only into the epidermis, but also into the hypodermis. 

COSMETIC BIOCOMPLEXES: Phyto-mushroom complex "Fly agaric 7 + 7"- fly agaric water extract, fly agaric oil extract, chaga mushroom, calvatia, champignon mushroom extract, fire-milk lactarius mushroom, peppery bolete + Siberian agastache, dracocephalum, lingonberry leaves, mantle, common hound's-tongue, edelweiss, dandelion. 

COSMETIC BASE: Cosmetic base “Cosmoderm” is effectively absorbed by the skin as it is akin to the composition: physiological saline, lipid alliance, cultural nutrient medium, a set of trace elements. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The cream creates a local anaesthetic and heating effect. Helps tissues to regenerate after injuries, bruises, sprains and dislocations. It alleviates pain in the joints, increases their mobility. Reduces the sensitivity of joints to fluctuations in weather. Reduces inflammation and swelling, relieves stress after workouts. 

APPLICATION: Apply the cream to the problem area and rub until it is completely absorbed. Apply the cream repeatedly and massage until you feel the warmth. Apply 1 to 2 times a day. 

INGREDIENTS: Cosmetic base "Cosmoderm", phyto-mushroom complex "Fly agaric 7 + 7", cocktail "Taiga Water", turpentine oil, vitamin alliance, extract of cayenne pepper, tea tree oil, burdock extract, mustard stem sap, buckeye extract, elderberry blossoms, labrador tea sap, camphor, citrate of silver.

Heat therapy cream to relieve joints pain

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  • Phyto-mushroom complex "Fly Agaric 7+7". Volume: 75 ml.