Protective, softening, firming hand cream

Hand cream from the "Fly agaric versus problems" mushroom collection will help to preserve your hands velvety, smooth and of perfect natural skin colour. The composition of the product allows you to take care of your hands at any age. The antioxidant alliance included into the cream formula protects the skin from the effects of synthetic detergents, sunrays, frost and other harmful factors. A combination of infusions of herbs, oils of mushrooms and nuts provides moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Not only hand cream from the "Fly agaric versus problems" series softens and protects the skin, but it also strengthens it. Natural ingredients stimulate intensive regeneration of skin cells, so that it becomes denser and more resistant to damage. It is highly recommended to use this remedy to people who often have scratches, cracks, rashes as well as if the skin tends to peel. 

COSMETIC BIOCOMPLEXES: Phyto-mushroom complex "Fly agaric 3 + 3"- fly agaric oil extract, chestnut bolete, suillus granulatus + lemon juice, candyleaf and sesame oil. 

COSMETIC BASE: The cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA OIL" creates a soft velvety protective mantle that protects your hand skin: spring water, peach oil, almond lecithin, peanut oil lipids, emollient cetiol, emulsifier "Cremophor". 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Peanut phospholipids, plantago extract and aloe vera sap heal small wounds and scratches. Birch sap and mushroom extract tone the skin. Green tea and hazelnut oil make it smooth and supple. Oils of mushrooms and sesame protect the hands skin from loss of moisture. Candyleaf prevents irritation, peeling and redness. 

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of cream to clean, dry hand skin and leave until it is completely absorbed. Apply daily, before going out, to protect against detergents and to nourish the skin. 

INGREDIENTS: The cosmetic base "ERILEM DERMA OIL", phyto-mushroom complex "Fly agaric 3 + 3", cocktail "Meadow Water", saffron-milk-cap and aspen mushroom oil, aloe sap, hazelnut oil, green tea extract, birch sap, emollient complex (cocoa butter, vegetable wax, shea butter), essential oil of sage, silver citrate.

Mushroom collection "Fly agaric versus problems". 

Protective, softening, firming hand cream

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  • Moisturizing, toning, confort. Volume: 30 ml. For all skin types.