Skin firming Bio-Balm

Applied both as a day cream and restoring balm. Cares for sensitive, thinned facial skin prone to couperose and irritations. 

COSMETIC BASE: Cosmetic base "ERILEM NORD+" light composition for softening, moisturizing and accelerating the metabolism in the skin: glacier water, soybean phospholipids, emollient cetiol, flowering quince juice, anise hyssop. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The cultural nutrient medium saturates the epidermis with amino acids, vitamins and stabilizers of cell membranes, increases the cell turgor and skin elasticity. Complex oils of alders, hazelnut, gossypium and corn soften the skin, strengthen the lipid barrier, hyaluronic water prevents loss of moisture. 

APPLICATION: Apply daily to the problem areas of the face skin until completely absorbed. To enhance the effect – apply twice a day. 

INGREDIENTS: Cosmetic base "ERILEM NORD+", salvia extract, alder oil, infusion of chaga mushroom, gossypium oil, culture medium, horse chestnut extract, hazelnut oil, honeysuckle sap, hops extract, corn oil, ascorutin, hyaluronic water, aloe sap, perfume, silver citrate.

Skin firming Bio-Balm

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  • Anti-couperose. Volume: 30 ml. For all skin types