Skin-smoothing complexion cream

The cream nourishes the skin, improves the tone of skin naturally and reduces the swollen look around eyes and smoothes wrinkles. Plant extracts of herbs, berries and mushrooms reduce the production of melanin and gradually lighten the skin. The chanterelle contains the immunomodulator carotene and kojic acid, which gently lighten the skin. Lemon and malic acids, microelements and melon vitamins gently renew the epidermis. 

COSMETIC COMPLEXES: Phyto-mushroom complex "Fly agaric 3 + 3"- fly agaric oil extract, chestnut bolete, suillus granulatus + lemon juice, candyleaf and sesame oil. 

COSMETIC BASE: The cosmetic base "ERILEM NORD" softens the skin, makes it velvety, smoothes wrinkles and smooths the skin microrelief: glacial water, soybean phospholipids, hop cone oil, emollient cetiol and flowering quince juice. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Oils of sesame and alder soften the skin. Juices of cranberries, lemon and dandelion reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Extract of agaric mushroom and infusion of champignon tone the skin. Proteins of boletusprovide a lifting effect. Antioxidant ergothioneine from pleurotus mushroom protects the skin against free radicals. 

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of cream to cleansed face especially onto the problem areas 1-2 times a day and leave until completely absorbed. 

INGREDIENTS: The cosmetic base "ERILEM NORD" – oils of sesame and alder, hyaluronic water, infusion of bergenia, extract of fly agaric, melon, extract of chanterelle, dandelion juice, phyto-mushroom complex "Fly agaric 3 + 3", melon oil, pleurotus extract, juice of cranberry, lemon and rowan, champignon and parsley extracts, proteins of boletus, citrate of silver.

Mushroom collection "Fly agaric versus problems".

Skin-smoothing complexion cream

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  • Shine-free, matte, regeneration, beauty. Volume: 75 ml. For all skin types.